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padillion x et aliae – c a t s


The vast amount of opportunities an Internet connection creates is astounding. Dropbox, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Twitter and whatever other social networks you can think of are making communication and collaboration easier, fun, and more exciting than ever. Thanks to the web, new favorite of mine et aliae was able to team up with Japanese producer padillion for an enormous duet. Well, not enormous in length; “c a t s” is criminally short, but it plunges you straight into a nebula of booming synths and trap-inspired percussion. You’ll want to stay a whole lot longer, but unfortunately all you get is a minute and a half.

Also, check out padillon’s track “H O N E Y T A I L” from earlier this month. Don’t get thrown off by the innocent intro; the track surges with energy and is a pretty spectacular beast. All the great music circulating in this SoundCloud subculture never ceases to amaze me.

Lunate – Cold City

100% Silk is home to the widest range of electronic acts I can think of, occupying all sorts of niches from all over the world. The latest addition to their lineup is Colombian producer Lunate, a creator of “autobiographical street house” jams that smoothly, seamlessly bounce from one style to another. “Cold City” is our first look at his forthcoming 12”, a track filled with chilly, late night ambiance and a dash of numbing melancholy. It’s a little too somber for the dance floor, but it’s perfect for some nocturnal thinking.

Eight songs will be featured on Far Shores, which is out digitally and physically August 26 through Silk. The vinyl will be in short supply, so keep that in mind if “Cold City” won you over. Check out the track previews on Midheaven if you’re looking for more in the meantime.

TOPS – Outside

TOPS are back with a new one off their forthcoming sophomore album. “Outside” is a dusky ballad that occupies a much more intimate space than the trio of tracks we’ve heard prior to this. It once again proves they’re capable of anything.

Picture You Staring is out in a very short two weeks via Arbutus Records, and it’s definitely shaping up to be one of the year’s best, most purest albums. Preorder it now.

Les Sins – Bother


Don’t bother me, I’m working. Chaz Bundick is definitely a busy dude, with his main project Toro y Moi continuing to soar in popularity and a side project titled Les Sins around for a more dance-friendly output. He created the alter ego back in 2010 and has released a couple 12” singles since then, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Les Sins. However, now it’s time for a full-length. Michael is out November 4 via Company Records, and “Bother” is its first single. The track establishes a deep, hypnotic groove from the start, with some chopped vocals and organ chords thrown in to spice it up. 

Preorder Michael here.

01. Talk About 
02. Past 
03. Toy 
04. Why [ft. Nate Salman] 
05. Bother 
06. Minato 
07. Bellow 
08. Sticky 
09. Call 
10. Drop 
11. Do Right

Vogue Dots – Way Out + Thunder


Brooklyn pop label Cascine has been around for a while, but take away the vowels and you’ve got their new digital singles platform. CSCN has put out some stunning tracks in its brief existence, and they’ve got two more winners on their hands courtesy of Halifax duo Vogue Dots. Formed only recently, the experimental pop act has already developed a shadowy, cosmic signature sound. The twilight glow of A-side “Way Out” shows it off best, a churning, swirling electropop burner with a surreal edge. Also available is “Thunder,” a cover of fellow Halifax band Cousins’ hushed grunge track. They touch it up and add a little bit of moody futurism to it, and the end result is a wispy, spaced-out daydream.

Vogue Dots put out an EP called Toska back in May, which features “Thunder.” It went under my radar until now, but it’s a very solid release that you shouldn’t pass up. You can stream it on their SoundCloud page. Grab their CSCN single on iTunes today, too.

Ba-kuura – Got 2


Hyperboloid Records is another fast-growing label in this new era of URL electronic music, and one you definitely have to watch out for. They climbed over 5,000 SoundCloud followers a few days ago, and they’ve enlisted label buds Ba-kuura to celebrate. An Internet jam with definite attitude, Got 2” showcases the Atlanta duo’s serious knack for melodies and heavy bass, and it’s their free gift to you.

Ba-kuura put out an EP a little less than a month ago too, titled Super Dream_sim. It’s $6 for six tracks of joyous, easygoing music with some video-game flair; stream it below and pick it up on the label’s Bandcamp page.

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