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Lewis – Don’t Stop It Now (Recycle Culture Mix)


If you’ve kept a close eye over the past few years, you may have come across some writers gushing over a long-lost artist named Lewis. The heart-stopping, “Twin Peaks”-esque, borderline incoherent L’Amour was released in 1983 and believed to be the Canadian mystery man’s only record. Washington label Light In The Attic gave the little-known release new life this April, and it easily could’ve ended with that.

However, the legend of Lewis just took a dramatic new turn with the uncovering of a second LP, 1985’s Romantic Times, an album no one even knew existed until an eBay listing from a Calgary record shop employee appeared. Don’t be alarmed by the enormous price tag; winning this warehouse treasure is not your only way to hear the sophomore album. Light In The Attic has come through once again, reissuing this “Lewis Baloue” LP and putting it up for download right now. It’s the kind of story you couldn’t make up even if you tried.

To make this whole thing even more fantastic, blog favorite Recycle Culture has already remixed one of Romantic Times’ unearthed tracks. On “Don’t Stop It Now,” the enigmas tortured vocals take center stage, but Recycle Culture adds a little bit of flair to the weary, somber instrumentation that surrounds them. At the very least, the syncopated percussion makes it slightly more lively, but there’s still something about it that’s difficult to swallow. It’s a haunting, stunning track, much like the ghost of a man we call Lewis.

Check out some 30 second snippets of Romantic Times and purchase it on Light In The Attic’s website, and stream Recycle Cultures edit below. Who knows if it’ll be up for very long, so don’t miss it.

TOPS – Way To Be Loved


Montreal guitar-pop outfit TOPS dazzled us with a single last month that served as a preview of their sophomore album, Picture You Staring. Now, we get yet another glimpse of things to come with the crystalline, dazed funk of opening track “Way To Be Loved.” The song’s intricate fretwork and delicate sway will leave you seeing stars, and when you combine that with Jane Penny’s charming, whispery vocals, there’s really nothing else like it out there. The tides of “indie rock” are changing, and TOPS are way ahead of the curve.

Preorder Picture You Staring on iTunes today. The album releases September 2 through Arbutus Records, and hopefully you’re looking forward to it as much as I am.

Shura – Just Once


London’s Shura may only have two original tracks to her name, but the follow-up to February’s “Touch solidifies her spot as one of this year’s brightest newcomers. “Just Once is a masterful pop song that’s past the point of being heartbreaking – it’s already irreparably broken. Her delivery is cool and captivating on the surface, but it packs a serious emotional punch. She breaks down all the relationship’s depressing details, and the only thing to cushion her inevitable fall is the lush and feathery arrangement. The breathtaking outro slowly sweeps you away and wraps things up, but I guarantee you’ll be back more than a few times while we impatiently wait for her next move.

A. G. Cook – Beautiful (JDV+ Edition)


We’ve been blessed with some great tunes from the PC Music crew this summer, but the excessive, intoxicating happiness on display in A. G. Cook’s “Beautiful hasn’t been topped yet. It’s my favorite track of the year so far, and the rest of the oddball label’s productions are essential listening too.

Today, Connecticut’s jdv plus offers up a stirring rework of the song, slowing the disorienting original down to a glacial, dramatic pace. It still chugs along and overflows with syrupy sounds, but he lets the bubbles escape just enough to give it a new edge. Cook’s pitched-up vocals are plummeted in the opposite direction, melting down the sugar-coating into a mess of emotions.

Quays – Austere + Tres

floating donut

Quays has quickly become one of my favorite new artists of 2014. The NYC producer is pulling together a mixtape with multimedia platform DIS Magazine right now, and I couldn’t be more excited for its release. Each fizzyfluttering track we’ve heard off it has been as sexy as it is weird. They’re more likely to take your breath away than make you tap your foot.

Today, we’re treated to two more eye-popping previews. “Tres” is an eerie, emotionally-wrought track that sputters along and seduces you. The pitched-down cries sprinkled throughout drive the tension through the roof, leaving you with knots in your stomach. “Austere” seems to function as more of a transitional piece, a quick and wobbly rush that unexpectedly flourishes into something much warmer and melodic before burning out. Both tracks will soon enough be featured on 917-410-6948. Give that number a call in the meantime.

video: Låpsley – Painter (Valentine)


We were first introduced to 17-year-old Låpsley at the beginning of the year. Her dual-vocal technique and elegant, minimalist production on Station received a ton of attention, and for good reason. It was a breath of fresh air, a bare and haunting downtempo track brimming with emotion. Today, she returns with a video for a similarly gorgeous track that debuted a month or so later, Painter (Valentine). It’s also worth noting that the video was directed by another 17-year-old. Pretty impressive.

Station and Painter are finally available on iTunes today. 

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