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July 2014 Mix


Faded Arrow’s mix for July.

01. Slugabed – Another Chance 2K14 0:00
02. Ryan Hemsworth + UV Boi – Gods 4:35
03. Tielsie – Palette 7:44
04. GFOTY – Don’t Wanna / Let’s Do It 11:19
05. Shabazz Palaces – Palace Slide 13:09
06. DJ Dodger Stadium – Friend Of Mine 16:58
07. Quays – U Stay 19:43
08. Doss – Softpretty (Ellie Herring Remix) 25:30
09. Fight Bite – Rainy Day 28:31
10. Lewis – Don’t Stop It Now (Recycle Culture Mix) 30:55

(Download | Mixcloud | Past Mixes)

Recycle Culture – drown me up

Here’s a sprawling track to immerse yourself in from the always-intriguing Recycle Culture. Listed as electroacoustic, “drown me up” is proof he knows his way around a Balearic beat, although that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who keeps up with all his genre-hopping. It’s soothing, carefree, and well worth the $2.

mix: Quays – 917-410-6948


At long last, New York City’s Quays has unveiled his 26-minute mix of hypnotic, disembodied tracks, a breathtaking collaboration with net art platform DIS Magazine. We’ve heard a few of its parts on an individual level in the past, but it’s amazing to hear how he strings them all together to flow like a conversation. Loaded with mutant vocals, exhilarating progressions, and turbulent emotions, it’s a mesmerizing half-hour that showcases the breadth of Quays’ talent and imagination. 917-410-6948 is one of the year’s most stunning releases, so dial in and enjoy.

01. Quays – Physisicks
02. Quays – ? 
03. Quays – Modular Study #8
04. Quays – Austere
05. Quays – Cursiv
06. Quays – Filthy
07. Quays – U Stay
08. Sade – Why Can’t We Live Together (edit)
09. Quays – Tres
10. Quays – Heat
11. Quays – Uno (beatless version)
12. Quays – Dos
13. Quays – Sleepers

video: FKA twigs – Pendulum


Yesterday, we got a sneak peek at FKA twigs forthcoming debut album, LP1. While Video Girl left twigs more vulnerable than ever before, it just can’t match up with the spellbinding power of Pendulum. She seems to agree – it’s one of her favorite tracks on the album, a brooding, throbbing beat guided by a falsetto that consumes every last drop of your attention. The song evolves with each passing note, gradually unfolding until it reaches the incredible closing breakdown. Stream it below, and enjoy some visuals of twigs’ head caving in on itself and flipping inside out.

LP1 is out August 12 courtesy of Young Turks.

Tobias Jesso Jr. – True Love


It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary. Canadian singer-songwriter Tobias Jesso Jr. released “True Love” into the wild just the other day, and it’s the perfect example of that. The track is about as plain and pure as they come, just a fragile voice and a fuzzy, out-of-tune piano alongside it. It’s an admirably vulnerable setup, with a worn-in demo quality that makes you feel right at home with his intimate thoughts. The beauty embedded in such a lo-fi recording is remarkable, a reminder of a time before autotune and trap beats. Few songs stop me in my tracks, and I’m glad to say that this is one of them. In fact, after one listen, you might feel like we’ve got a classic on our hands, and I think I’d have to agree.

So, when can you preorder the full-length? Jesso is working with ex-Girls bassist JR White and I’d certainly hope one’s on the horizon, but I think it’s best to just sit back and live in the moment with “True Love.”

FKA twigs – Video Girl


London’s FKA twigs is a one-of-a-kind talent who has finally gotten around to a full-length album (fittingly titled LP1). Her music is really unlike anything else you’ve ever heard, wrapped in a gloomy, futuristic R&B haze that only her voice can pierce through. It’s unsettling and claustrophobic, but she wants to get under your skin.

“Video Girl is the second taste we’ve gotten of LP1, but it’s a lot more tense and disjointed than “Two Weeks.” Written about her previous work as a backing dancer, the track once again submerges twigs in the shadowy, downtempo depths she thrives in but leaves her past rather exposed. That’s not to say her mysterious, sinister sound is any less potent, but the song’s forthright nature definitely sheds some light onto her discontent. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty spectacular.

LP1 releases August 12 via Young Turks.

Merely – Forever


If there’s one quality that unites the artists of Swedish label Sincerely Yours, it’s their knack for leaving you totally enchanted. Merely demonstrated that two months ago when we heard “Lava,” an explosive track that erupts with joy. However, her poignant new single kicks things up a notch and goes above and beyond to charm you. On “Forever,” Merely weaves an icy dreamscape populated with celestial synths and swirling emotions for a sound unlike anything else the label has released. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful, and one of the most powerful tracks of the summer.

You can purchase “Forever now on the newly minted Sincerely Yours Bandcamp page. Keep an eye out for her full-length, which will hopefully release sooner than later.

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