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Kane West – Western Beats


Re-read the title; no, this isn’t a new Kanye track. We haven’t heard a whole lot from Kane West before, but he just unloaded a seven track EP on us titled Western Beats, which of course comes to us via PC Music. It only takes about 5 seconds of listening to realize this is about as far away from Ye as possible, actually. The EP offers up ultra-minimalist, oddball house music, with a strong emphasis on cheesy, preloaded keyboard sounds, buggy basslines, and the always-comical air horn. You might find it weird, and I feel particularly sorry if you thought I broke the new Kanye single, but I think it’s a good, fun time. If you’ve loved following PC Music as closely as I have this year, I hope you’ll agree.

Download a 15-minute mix from PC Music’s SoundCloud, or grab all seven tracks in their 33-minute entirety on Mediafire for free.

August 2014 Mix


Faded Arrow’s mix for August.

01. Bruce Smear – Intro 0:00
02. Danny L Harle – Aquarius (Luna Remix) 1:13
03. Paris Suit Yourself – Won’t K (SOPHIE Remix) 3:47
04. Danny L Harle? 7:35
05. Karmelloz – Origins 10:34
06. SOPHIE – Hard 14:31
07. Les Sins – Bother 17:25
08. QT – Hey QT 20:39
09. et aliae – never let u down 24:28
10. Bruce Smear – Junktion 28:19
11. Vogue Dots – Thunder 31:30
12. Recycle Culture – ITII Pt. 2 35:56

(Mixcloud | Past Mixes)

TOPS – Picture You Staring (Album Stream)

Absurdly charming Montreal four-piece TOPS are back with sophomore album Picture You Staring, an impeccably sweet collection of timeless indie-pop. It’s streaming via Dazed, and I can safely say the band has put together one of the best full-lengths of the year. Picture You Staring balances soft-spoken heartbreak with summertime joy to perfection, all under the guise of ’70s- and ’80s-inspired guitar-driven arrangements. These tracks touch on all sorts of styles and emotions, but the fingerprint is undeniably TOPS’, and it’s nothing short of wondrous.

mixtape: Kero Kero Bonito – Intro Bonito


Kero Kero Bonito are a new trio from London who are ready to shake things up with their colorful take on hyperreal pop. Intro Bonito, their adventurous debut mixtape, throws elements of J-Pop, hip-hop, RPG soundtracks, dancehall, and a whole lot more into a blender and pours out fifteen sugary, surreal tracks. Sarah’s bright, bilingual vocals keep you on your toes and ensure there’s never a dull moment, with lyrics that are either superficial and absurd or sharp social commentary, however you want to interpret them. I’m not sure I’d read too much into them, because Kero Kero Bonito’s music seems to be focused more on having fun and being creative than anything else, and that’s what they really excel at. I must say, though, that “Homework” and tape closer “I’d Rather Sleep” do offer some pretty valuable insights.

Intro Bonito is out now on Double Denim Records. Stream the whole thing below or step into their website for a slightly more unconventional experience.

QT – Hey QT


Hey QT! My level of excitement surrounding this song has been astronomically high for months now. Ever since SOPHIE (one-half of QT, along with PC Music mastermind A. G. Cook) debuted it during his long-lost Just Jam set back in March, I’ve had the chorus stuck in my head. It’s been an enjoyable but painful curse, and I’ve managed only a few listens since then. But now, QT is available for everyone, an audible energy drink that demands your full attention.

Combining bubbly, giddy vocals with sparkling synths, SOPHIE and Cook push their signature sounds to maximum levels and craft one of the most delicious, infectious pop treats you’ll ever hear. “Looks fizzy, tastes bouncy, feels QT.” It’s 100% supernatural, and the pinnacle of future pop. The only ones capable of topping it are QT themselves.

It’s out today via XL Recordings, so pick it up on Beatport now and iTunes later. In addition, stream SOPHIE’s Boiler Room set from this past weekend, which features some new cuts. The whole show was one of the best I’ve ever seen them put on, with one of the most stacked Boiler Room lineups perhaps ever, but SOPHIE absolutely stole the show. Nothing can prepare you for what you’re about to experience below.

EDIT: Nothing can prepare you for it because it doesn’t exist! Sorry!

X-Coast – Rocky Bay


Somewhere in the deep blue Caribbean Sea, between your imagination and what’s real, lies an island – X-Coast.

Upon meeting X-Coast’s natives after a 1994 shipwreck, Frank Sanders learned their culture and uncovered their secrets for his own musical output … or at least that’s how the story goes. Whether it’s true or not, it’s clear the producer picked up a thing or two on how to have a good time somewhere along the road. “Rocky Bay” is his latest slice of tropics-tinged house, and it’s a pulsating, living, breathing fantasy. This is a coastal groove unlike anything you’ve ever heard before; here’s your gateway to paradise.

Back in May, X-Coast put on a fantastic show for Boiler Room in Belgrade. If you dig “Rocky Bay,” extend your island stay by 30 minutes and stream the mix below.

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